Flowers Labs
Synthetic Data
Upload your input data and generate synthetic data for cheap. Tokens wasted due to RLHF rejections are not counted.
ModelEndpointInput (USD)Output (USD)
Mistral 7Bmistral-7b0$ / 1M tokens0.1$ / 1M tokens
Mistral 7B Instructmistral-7b-i0$ / 1M tokens0.1$ / 1M tokens
Mixtral 8x7Bmixtral-8x7b0$ / 1M tokens0.25$ / 1M tokens
Mixtral 8x7B Instructmixtral-8x7b-i0$ / 1M tokens0.25$ / 1M tokens
Flowers Smallflowers-small3$ / 1M tokens10$ / 1M tokens